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Approved SIF Brazilian chicken

As an international wholesale exporter of meat and poultry, our one aim remain the same, to provide fit frozen chicken, Pork and Beef, and promote health and happiness around the planet, along with adherence shown to the religious beliefs of our customers by our Halal Beef and Halal chicken supply which are source from certified Halal meat producing plants in Brazil.

In our effort to make sure the highest standard frozen meat, our producing plants are completely comply with all international and local food safety standards along with agreeing to regular plant audits and production checks, we spare no expense when it comes to the standard and safety of the product that we give.

Along with providing standard products at competitive pricing, we can help you negotiate unique sale and a dedicated shipping arrangement geared towards meeting the growing demands of our high customers irrespective of where they are.

Utilizing computerized inventory control, order invoicing and processing, we are capable to fast and rightly process client orders.

With more than twenty years of history, our policies of fair dealing, standard products and prompt service have maintained and improved our right status both nationally and internationally. Today these are still our key corporate objectives.

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We provide a range of premium picked Brazilian wholesale cuts of pork and chicken, depending upon the customer’s specifications and expectations. The fresh pork meat and chicken is directly frozen and not kept on the shelf like other locations, this way our pork and chicken remains bacteria free. From the moment the pork and chicken gets packed, it is placed in freezer to retain its taste and freshness. Also, the pork meat is cut in a way that it remains in its shape and can be packed in a perfect way that is vacuum sealed.

You can find it online at a reasonable price and can get it shipped in your country from overseas.

Yes, it is certified that it is Halal and, it has gone through all Islamic conduct with all the information regarding meat printed on the package.

The test of the chicken remains the same, be it Halal or not. Halal is a procedure followed for cutting meat. It doesn't affect the taste.

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