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Frozen Pork Shanks Boneless

Commodity: Frozen Pork Shanks Boneless

Packaging: 10kg, customized based on request

Minimum Order Value: 1* 40′ FCL

Shelf Life: 22-24 Months

Quality: Grade A, FSC (Food Supply Chain) Verifiable, products accordance with ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2014/17

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Production & delivery process

Pick up & collection

The birds are picked up after months by nurturing by our famous team.  Delivery perform from the farms to processing factory is done in completely sanitized and ventilated to preserve best hygiene. Our food choices have important impacts on the atmosphere, the people who work in the food system, and the health and safety of communities.

Processing & cutting

The preparation process starts at the point the frozen & chilled boiler chicken, portions or whole, is removed from the freezer or refrigerators, respectively. Quick dressing is done to stop the fluid inside the chicken from turning into big crystals, which can cause quicker deterioration in nutrition and texture. After which they are ready to be exported in parts/whole.


Upon order and verification, the port whole/parts and frozen chicken are delivered in bulk from our warehouse in Brazil. Place an inquiry for a delivery and go a no-charged delivery for order. Customers can specific order in parts/whole as we are wholesale frozen chicken suppliers.

Brazilian frozen pork suppliers

As a Brazilian wholesale frozen meat supplier, manufacturer, exporter, and distributor, we provide a big range of list premium standard frozen Beef, chicken, and pork brands names your company you believe. Source from top-tier, completely certified, and ISO compliment producers in Brazil, with a full engagement from processing to delivery.

We export a big range of best brands tasty all-natural grade Berkshire Pork Belly, – Frozen pork fillet, – Fresh pig feet, Fresh pork Joel, Fresh pork joint, Pork crown roast, Frozen Pork shoulder roast, Frozen pork ribs, Centre-Cut Pork Loin roast to major exports markets worldwide.

Our supply network hugely covers every sector of the frozen meats markets in the planet, including Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, big supermarkets chains, Chinese restaurants, fast-food chains, western restaurants, airlines and hotels, and distributors in the meat market with verified processing SIF plants for chicken, beef, and pork meats destined to the Japan, China, EU, Asian, Middle East and America.

Packaging sizes can be tailored made for retail and wholesale objectives in order to meet buyers needs.

As a market leader in the USA and Brazilian frozen meat export, we are ready to work hard to win and maintain your position. You can really count on our commitment to excellence to deliver best-value goods and services.

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