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Frozen Red Shrimps

Wholesale Red Shrimps Supplier

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Frozen Red Shrimp

Frozen Red Shrimps. Argentina red shrimp in general refers to the best grade of Red Neocaridina aquarium shrimp.

Frozen Red Shrimps are generally pretty clear. Sakura cherry shrimp are a more intense red color. While still possessing clear patches, Sakura shrimp are more solid in color than regular cherry shrimp. Fire red shrimp is the next grade and refers to shrimp that are completely red. Painted Fire Red shrimp are the last and highest grade.

Frozen Red Shrimps Supplier

Red shrimp has become one of the most popular seafood around the world.  It is the main target species for the beam trawls and bottoms trawls.

Freezing is an essential preservation technique for shrimp because of a minimal loss of quality during long-term storage.

Price is  high by the fishing ban between early May to the end of July, so the main catching season is after it, Aug to Oct.

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Production & delivery process

Pick up & collection

The birds are picked up after months by nurturing by our famous team.  Delivery perform from the farms to processing factory is done in completely sanitized and ventilated to preserve best hygiene. Our food choices have important impacts on the atmosphere, the people who work in the food system, and the health and safety of communities.

Processing & cutting

The preparation process starts at the point the frozen & chilled boiler chicken, portions or whole, is removed from the freezer or refrigerators, respectively. Quick dressing is done to stop the fluid inside the chicken from turning into big crystals, which can cause quicker deterioration in nutrition and texture. After which they are ready to be exported in parts/whole.


Upon order and verification, the port whole/parts and frozen chicken are delivered in bulk from our warehouse in Brazil. Place an inquiry for a delivery and go a no-charged delivery for order. Customers can specific order in parts/whole as we are wholesale frozen chicken suppliers.

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